Dry Creek Hunting Association is located in the hill country of north Mississippi in the southeast Tippah County and northeast Union County areas. The property is a collection of leased and privately owned land that totals approximately 3500 acres and is some of the most diverse terrain in the state. The property is almost equally divided between large hardwoods, clear-cut in various stages of re-growth and swampy hollow runs. Whatever your hunting terrain preference, we’ve got it all.

On top of enjoying the hunting our property offers, members also enjoy some of the most beautiful country in the state. Some of the highest points in the state are located near the club property which produce beautiful vistas during all times of the year. From the blooming redbud and dogwood trees of spring, to the aroma of the blooming oakleaf hydrangea in the summer, onto the bright colors of fall, our property will deliver memories that go way beyond the hunting seasons.

While our primary focus is the conservation and hunting of whitetail deer, the property offers a wide variety of game from turkey to feral hogs. The property also offers all types of small game such as rabbit and squirrel, and outdoor recreation like horse and ATV riding during non-hunting seasons.

Naturally, I’m a little partial to this area as I can trace my family back six generations here. There is just something about these hills that gets into a person’s soul and hangs on tight. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a campfire with some of the finest men, women and young people you’ll ever come across. And most importantly, the majority of the folks I’m speaking of are still here.

Come visit with us…you’ll be glad you did.

God Bless