There are several good sized towns within 20 miles of the club property and all have motels/hotels that are affordable for weekend stays. If you are searching online for these accommodations, the nearest towns are New Albany (38652), Baldwyn (38824), Booneville (38829), Ripley (38663) and of course, Tupelo (38801).

Tent Camping
We often get inquires about tent camping on the club property. Members should contact a club officer or board member prior to tent camping on the club. Some of our land owner contracts may prohibit the building of fires, camping, etc.

RV’s & Campers
There are several campgrounds within 20 miles of the club property that offer hookups for RV’s and Campers. You can also search online for more details.

New Albany Fairgrounds
Distance from DCHA: Approximately 15 Miles

Campgrounds at Barnes Crossing
Distance from DCHA: Approximately 20 Miles

Elvis Presley Lake & Campground
Distance from DCHA: Approximately 25 Miles

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